On the cover with  Valentino HC dresses

” Golden Girls “, that is the headline chosen to describe Dakota and Elle Fanning and, of course, it is an expression that fits perfectly with these two sisters who are not only becoming essential on the red carpets but are doing it for their own merits, those that have been earned acting in some of the most popular films of today’s cinema.

But there is something else, the two have such a pristine image that designers raffle each other to star in their campaigns (Dakota’s last with Marc Jacobs brings controversy) or wear their dresses on the red carpet.

The two seem to feel devotion to the current and romantic Valentino and the truth is that we can imagine the two choosing dresses, trying on makeup, telling each other style secrets, as we see them in this editorial photographed by Mario Sorrenti .

We do not know if they will have a rebellious stage in the future, if they will want to try their luck with music, if they will make films in the time that the magazines leave them free, but what I am sure is that we will have Fanning sisters for a while.