In 2010 we chose Robert Pattinson as the best dressed man of the year , and this time, after much deliberation (as we were reluctant to repeat) we have not been able to stop rewarding his style. Undoubtedly, the large number of remarkable looks that he has shown during the various promotions of his films, have put him above his competitors.

Gucci has once again emerged as its great ally

You already know that the emerald green suit (undoubtedly one of the greatest risks and successes of his stylistic career) was his idea, as you also know that he has no stylist. Therein lies the greatest of its merits, because it always shows something different and risky, yes, without losing its British elegance. They are suits and color combinations that are worth seeing in detail:

And considering that Pattinson has ten films waiting to be shot, we will have at least two or three years of premieres, so we are looking forward to seeing what he surprises us with again, especially if, finally, his union with Dior Homme as signature image is produced. But for now, we are satisfied with this year’s looks.